Because impeccable linen quality is essential in the hotel industry, RH&C offers a wide range of bed linen.
Thanks to our knowledge of the textile industry, we can guarantee a flawless quality that meets the most diverse needs.



Refinement, a feeling of comfort and softness for a successful customer experience.​

As specialists in the hotel industry , we offer bed sheets , comforter covers and pillowcases of exceptional quality and comfort, with a perfect fit.

All our bed linens can be customized with the addition of a bumblebee or embroidery to enhance your guest's welcome.


Softness and elegance for dreamy nights​.

Our range of bed linens meets all the needs of hoteliers for a top-of-the-range reception of your customers.​

You have a large choice of light and warming comforters, as well as prestigious and elegant pillows that can be adapted to any size of bed, and are resistant to multiple washings.​

Our undersheets and mattress protectors go unnoticed on a mattress.​


To satisfy your needs, we put our experience and know-how at your service to define the products that will delight your customers.​

We create and adapt the products according to your tastes and the style of your establishment by defining several parameters: the choice of material, colors, dimensions, finishes and customizations.​

Our materials

Créadore bed linen is made from a revolutionary new yarn, the latest development of our R&D department: Beirtex® yarns, made from cotton fibers around a polyester core, are woven into a fabric that retains the great "feel" of cotton sought by customers ,and the sturdiness of polyester for easy care.​

With the wonderful comfort of cotton, our new range boasts beautiful finishes and excellent stability. All seams are specially designed to eliminate tension and ensure maximum durability.

Finally, these are attractive, expertly finished products with flat, smooth seams that make them perfectly suited to industrial processing in a modern professional laundry as well as intensive hotel washing.​

Our quality standards

RHC offers textiles that ensure low energy, water and chemical consumption, with long life, without compromising the environment or quality.​

Our BCI cotton is produced by environmentally conscious farmers with :​

  • Minimal use of pesticides and insecticides
  • Efficient use of water
  • Preservation of natural habitats
  • Decent working conditions
  • Independent experts verifying compliance

Our optimization solutions

The high quality and durability of our textiles are underlined by a number of factors :​​

  • They resist repeated washings, dry faster and are easy to iron​
  • They are lightweight and take up less space, making them easy to transport on laundry carts​
  • They can be folded and stacked more easily and evenly, providing space for more textiles on laundry carts​
  • They don't warp so have a longer economic life​

Bath linen

An ideal combination of comfort and performance.


RH&C offers you a collection of bath linens that will provide your guests with that combination of well-being and high quality. ​

Our bath sheets, bathrobes, towels, bath mats are beautiful, soothing, comfortable, high quality and ultra-resistant.​


Our offer is constantly evolving to provide you with products that are at the cutting edge of innovation, more durable and less energy consuming.​

Our looms have the capacity to make custom embossed and jacquard materials, to weave or embroider the logo according to the customer's wish.​

Our collections are designed to offer you the best choice at the best price.​

Table linen

Offer an exceptional table with our collection of linens for your tables. Elegance, simplicity and harmony of materials characterize our table linens with their refined finishes.
Discover our tablecloths, napkins, table runner and placemat.


At wholesale prices, our tablecloths, which are of restaurant quality, offer excellent value. High-end restaurants expect nothing but the best from their tablecloths, which must possess absorbency, stain resistance, and colour retention - all of which are key features of our exceptional table linens.​​


Indulge in our durable and opulent napkins that come in a delightful array of colors. Crafted from our soft cotton fabrics, we offer a wide range of napkin styles that cater to any requirement. To add a touch of elegance to your table setting, take advantage of our napkin.​


Our table runners have the ability to set a specific ambiance or seamlessly complement your current colour scheme, regardless of whether it's traditional or modern.

With an extensive selection of colours, there's vast potential for creativity, ensuring that our dining table runners are ideal for all occasions​.


For more modernity, opt for placemats.

Ultra-decorative, placemats can be placed as a decorative touch on the table or on the tablecloth, and can be slipped under the plates to highlight them while protecting the table and tablecloth from stains.​

We offer rectangular placemats in cotton, polycotton and PVC.​

Soft frunishing

Elegance, refinement and mastered know-how.
Sublimate the decor of your rooms or your establishment with our ranges of curtains, decorative cushions, bed runners and skirting.


To give character to your interiors, we offer a wide range of fabrics and colors. From simple cushions, to back wedges, bolsters or suitcase cushions, our collections can be customized by choosing the fabric, finish and color that suit you.​

Design your own stunning interior decor with our selection of Soft Furnishing cushions, specially designed for hotels.​


Curtains in rings, wave, single or double aluminum, indispensable for the last decorative touch of your living rooms and bedrooms. Different types of confections to discover.​


Elegance, refinement, play with your decor is done through various accessories. The bed runner is part of it and holds a significant role. This element declined in various materials colors and sizes comes to perfect the decoration of your rooms.​


Complete your bedroom decor with a timeless bedskirt. Draw from our range to give your bed a final touch of elegance.​