A few dozen happy few were invited Thursday evening, September 26, to the official opening of the Adagio, the apartment hotel in Casablanca of the Richbond group, managed by the company Adagio, a joint subsidiary of Pierre et Vacances and the Accor group.

Pierre et Vacances had created with the Accor group this common subsidiary to develop a chain of apartment hotels in the world. The Adagio Casablanca City Center is the first gulls gerent establishment in North Africa.

This hotel is an investment of the Richbond group, as part of its diversification. The group had previously announced its decision to diversify into new businesses in Morocco. And to diversify into other African countries by investing in its traditional business, the textile furniture. What has been done in Cate d'Ivoire.

The objective is to invest in a few years, a total of 1 billion DH in the tourism sector, through 4 or 5 units. The next hotel is planned in Rabat.

The Adagio in Casablanca required 200 MDH, excluding land. The investment was made by Strelysia, a subsidiary of the Richbond group.

The hotel was in soft opening since spring and fully operational since July. During the ceremony, Karim Tazi quoted his father Abdelaziz Tazi who passed away two years ago, who was convinced that it was necessary to invest in times of gloom or wait-and-see attitude.

This unit employs about fifty graduates of the tourism professions among the winners of Moroccan schools, informs us the press release.

It offers a hundred apartments with mixed and varied offers that can accommodate from one to 6 people per suite. Each apartment is furnished, air-conditioned and has a fully equipped kitchen. On major international booking platforms, rentals start at 6i euros per night.

The hotel is the work of architect Yassir Khalil. He designed a building that is well integrated into the city of Casablanca and its history, but very contemporary in its environmental approach, its rooftop and its decoration. The Casablanca city center offers 4 meeting rooms. It is located on Avenue Bir Anzarane, near the stadium of honor.