Turn-key solutions

Customized hotel layout

Thanks to our multi-generational experience, we have been able to progress and adapt to market changes. Today, we master the whole chain of creation in terms of hotel layout to offer a global furnishing and layout solution, capable of meeting the specific needs of hotel and para-hotel entities.​

On the basis of a clearly defined budget, a business manager and interior architects specialized in the field, prepare with you a complete and personalized solution for the layout of your spaces according to the style of your project and the budgetary imperative you have.​

From the designer's first draft to the complete installation of your premises, we put at your disposal our experience, our tools, our resources and our creativity to listen to your every need.​

RH&C with you for your projects​

We bring recognized expertise in identifying and selecting the best solutions to meet our​ solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Our different workshops equipped with the latest technologies, allow us to offer​ tailor-made and quality products for each customer, whether they are hoteliers or private individuals.

The power and the high level of requirement of our production tool confer to RH&C a unique position has the study, the production and the delivery of your project.

Our company policy has always been to mobilize significant resources for the main stages of the value chain.​ of the value chain. All activities of production, storage, supply logistics, marketing logistics and administration are internalized.

Room layout

Architects and designers develop innovative concepts to create unique rooms for each project. We work hand in hand with our clients to best meet their needs. With more than 5,000 rooms and apartments fitted out RH&C is able to meet the needs of hoteliers, hotel residences, vacation centers and Ryads.​

Design of common areas​

RH&C provides its clients with the design of common areas. 

The RH&C team aims to create a harmony and an atmosphere that best meets the needs of its clients in order to satisfy the most refined requirements.

Our know-how is the result of a history, a long tradition in the search for excellence. For us, designing a product means not only implementing all the procedures related to the constraints of the production process, but above all creating the perfect balance between innovation, technology and high quality manufacturing.