Soft furnishing


To give character to your interiors, we offer a wide range of fabrics and colors. From simple cushions, to back wedges, bolsters or suitcase cushions, our collections can be customized by choosing the fabric, finish and color that suit you.​

Design your own stunning interior decor with our selection of Soft Furnishing cushions, specially designed for hotels.​


Curtains in rings, wave, single or double aluminum, indispensable for the last decorative touch of your living rooms and bedrooms. Different types of confections to discover.​


Elegance, refinement, play with your decor is done through various accessories. The bed runner is part of it and holds a significant role. This element declined in various materials colors and sizes comes to perfect the decoration of your rooms.​


Complete your bedroom decor with a timeless bedskirt. Draw from our range to give your bed a final touch of elegance.​