Table linen


At wholesale prices, our tablecloths, which are of restaurant quality, offer excellent value. High-end restaurants expect nothing but the best from their tablecloths, which must possess absorbency, stain resistance, and colour retention - all of which are key features of our exceptional table linens.​​


Indulge in our durable and opulent napkins that come in a delightful array of colors. Crafted from our soft cotton fabrics, we offer a wide range of napkin styles that cater to any requirement. To add a touch of elegance to your table setting, take advantage of our napkin.​


Our table runners have the ability to set a specific ambiance or seamlessly complement your current colour scheme, regardless of whether it's traditional or modern.

With an extensive selection of colours, there's vast potential for creativity, ensuring that our dining table runners are ideal for all occasions​.


For more modernity, opt for placemats.

Ultra-decorative, placemats can be placed as a decorative touch on the table or on the tablecloth, and can be slipped under the plates to highlight them while protecting the table and tablecloth from stains.​

We offer rectangular placemats in cotton, polycotton and PVC.​